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Jun 13, 2017

CineMate GS Series II Sound Quality Degraded

My 5-year-old (approx) sound system is having some issues with the audio quality. The system shows the following erratic behavior: while watching TV, the system pops every now and then, some times when I power on the system, some other times with the system already powered on. Once the pop noise happens, the audio quality degrades considerably, so it starts sounding similar to regular stereo audio coming out from the TV, hence I need to increase the volume so I can hear voice audio clearly. I have replaced optical cable, connected system directly to set top box or other devices I use, but the issue keeps happening. It is like at some point something inside the devices (speakers or subwoofer) pops, and then the system degrades itself noticeable. Could this be a sign of normal system wear? Could it get fixed by replacing cables, speakers, or something without replacing the whole system? 

I posted another concern a few weeks where, after a serial of messages between Bose and myself, it was decided that switching my system from Dolby Digital to PCM would resolve the problem. It did for a while, or I thought it did, but I recently changed from cable TV providers, so it might have happened that the Cable provider change change got me thinking the issue was resolved (new cable provider only provides PCM as available audio option for HDMI connections). 


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May 16, 2016

Re: CineMate GS Series II Sound Quality Degraded

Hi ebcruz76, 


Our apologies that you are experiencing this. Have you tried unplugging the system from power for a few minutes to see if that helps? If the reset does not help, from everything you've mentioned, it sounds like it may be an issue with the interface module or the Acoustimass module. I know you mentioned that you've tried a different optical cable, but I'd also be interested to see if you connect to the analog RCA jacks on the interface module (instead of optical), if the same issue occurs. It does sound like the system may need service to correct the issue. To set this up go to the site HERE, select your region, click on "Support" in the upper right, then scroll down to "Contact Us" and give them a call. 


Thank you