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Jun 30, 2017

Cinemate 130 System won' recognize direct tv signal

I have had continuous problems with my Cinemate 130. I have direct TV and it routinely will not recognized the direct TV signal and I end up having to remove the Cinemate control module and go directly to the Direct TV control module. I have done system updates in the past and been able to resolve the problem. Now I can't even find the Cinemate 130 on the web page to locate a possible update. I am fed up with this recurring problem and about ready to chuck the Bose system as it has been nothing but a major headache with recurring problems. Can anyone help me with a solution for this recurring problem

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Cinemate 130 System won' recognize direct tv signal

Hi kentfreeman,


Thank you for your inquiry. I'm sorry to hear about the connection issue you have been experiencing. I'd be happy to help! 


Making sure the system software is up to date, is definitely a good first step. You can find software update information HERE


If you software is already up to date, then we can definitely do some troubleshooting:


First, when you experience the issue, I'm assuming that you are connecting your DirectTV box to the Cinemate console's CBL-SAT port via HDMI cable, and then connecting the Cinemate console with another HDMI cable, to the TV. Is this correct? 


If so, do you get audio or video? Or, are both not working? 


If you could provide us with these additional details, we can then determine the next best steps for you. Thank you!


Best regards,