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Nov 23, 2018

Cinemate 520 not updating

I have never updated  my Cinemate 520 system, but upon purchasing a new TV I am having issues with ARC/CEC between the Cinemate 520 and the new TV. The first step for me was updating the Cinemate 520 firmware to ensure it is as up to date as possible. 

Following the support document, I inserted a flash drive into the Acoustimass module, it deposited the CONFIG file and I used the updater software which placed the update file 1.7 on the flash drive. 

The issue I am running into is when plugging the flash drive back into the Acoustimass module, the light eventually starts blinking red and no update was completed. I have tried all the steps multiple times. 

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Mar 15, 2018

Re: Cinemate 520 not updating

Hi WMUFlyboy,


Thanks for writing in!  Sorry to hear about the update issues, but would be happy to help!


  • Was the USB drive empty or did it have existing files on the drive?
  • Do you happen to know what format the drive is in? 
  • Have you tried a different USB drive at all?
  • How far is the bass module from the control console?


Let us know so we can further assist!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support