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Mar 27, 2019

Companion 2 - Only one speaker working



I have a set of Companion 2 speakers that I use for my computer and one side does not work. I have tested and verified that all of the cables are connected and functioning properly. I have even tried using different cables to make sure that the original ones were not at fault. I have also connected the speakers to different devices to verify that it is not the computer software that is at fault. Whether connected to the computer, tablets, or phones, still only the left side (the one without the volume knob) works. The sound drivers on my computer are all up to date and other speakers work just fine and all of my devices play in stereo. If I connect another set of speakers to the computer, I get sound from both sides.


From all of this testing, I have determined that the speaker itself is somehow at fault. Is there anything else I can do to try to fix it that I havent thought of?


Thank you!

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Mar 26, 2019

Re: Companion 2 - Only one speaker working

Hello Drogers,


Thanks for getting in touch.


As you have already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps I would recommend that you contact our customer support as the will be able to help you further. You can find the details on how to contact them HERE


I hope this helps, if you need anything else then please get get in touch.


Kindest regards,


Zoe C - Community Support