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Dec 16, 2017

Companion 5 sound is intermittent

Used my 5's for almost 10 years; 4 different locations. I think I know what the problem but I can't seem to solve. I see other threads on a similar topic but similar is not the same.


We moved to a new home and I plugged the 5s into my TV via an analog adapter (I had done this in the past as well). The pairing this time worked great for several weeks and then slowly alternated from full volume to zip and then half volume over the course an hour. Well as every 5 owner knows, you can't be in same room with the 5 at full volume.


The other solutions here in the forum indicate unplugging and plugging back in. That works for about 5 minutes. To me that indicates static electricity and that lines up with where I have placed my 5s in the past. It seems that if my bass is on the floor and the floor has wool carpets the static electricity is involved. When it was on a wood floor I have had no issues for years.


Is this the issue? Is there a solution? I tried sheiding to no avail this time.


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May 16, 2016

Re: Companion 5 sound is intermittent

Hi dvmiles, 


Thank you for the post. I'm sorry that you're experiencing this. At this point I'd recommend giving a call to your local service group to see if there may be an issue with the system itself. If you go to the site HERE, select your country, scroll down and click on "Contact Us", you should see their phone number. 


Kind Regards