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Dec 19, 2017

Differences between original 141s and 141 Series IIs

I dug out a little used pair of 141s that I had and set them up with a tiny power amp to provide sound for my downstairs PC. I am enjoying the sound of the 141s, and am considering finding a second pair of 141s for my office PC. However, it seem that there are two kinds of 141s, but I've not been able to determine what is different between the two versions, thus my question:


What are the differences between the original 141 and the 141 Series II - if any?


I suspect that there might not be any no differences, as I see the original 141s were manufactured from 1994-2003 and the Series IIs were made 2009-2011, and that the Series II nomenclature might only refer to 141s manufactured during the later period.



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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Differences between original 141s and 141 Series IIs

Hi wmbrant,


Thanks for the question!  The major difference is that the original 141 speakers use a 4 1/2 inch "Star" driver (which is, as you might be able to guess, shaped like a star) whereas the 141 II uses a standard round 4 1/2 inch driver.  Other than that, the speakers themselves are very similar.  Same 10-80 watt, 4-8 ohm rating.


If you have more questions, please let me know 🙂