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Sep 10, 2018

Individual Sound setting for each source

Dear Community,


I'm using Lifestyle 535 system with Soundtouch and noticed that while changing sound setting (i.e. System Bass, System Treble, etc) in System Options for particular source that setup remains constant for all other sources. Wonder if there is possibility to adjust and save different sound setting for each Source individually?


Example: while listening through Soundtouch - Bluetooth source, which is compressed audio, and that's why sounds a bit blurry and to make it more clear I want to push Treble higher from Normal level, while when switching to Bluray player I want to keep Treble back to normal level, Increase Bass level and set Rear Speakers set to maximum for better surround experience in movies.


It's only one example but when using many different sources which doesn't have build in equalizer to adjust sound setting it would be really useful to have each source connected to Lifestyle system to remember it's own sound setting according to personal preference. If that is not current functionality I'm looking forward for it to be rolled out in future software updates.







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Dec 13, 2016

Re: Individual Sound setting for each source

Hello AlexS,


Have you run the AdaptIQ on your system? For most users, this will adjust the audio for the room you are in. There are then adjustments that can be made for your specific preferences. These adjustments will apply to all inputs, there is not a way to change them, or preset them, for individual inputs. We hope this helps, thanks for asking and have a great day.

Best Regards,

-Emmet Bose Community

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Apr 4, 2017

Re: Individual Sound setting for each source

Hi Alex's
Has suggested, run apdaptiq for your room, I recommend for listening to music, have Bose set to Direct, for TV, leave at Normal, for bluray, toggle between Direct, Normal and Enhanced Dialogue sound modes, these do alter the eq curve and can be stored for each source you have.
Hope this helps