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Jun 25, 2017

LS 650 Issues with Sources

HI -


I have  the LS 650 is an the  follwing equipment

- xBOX one

- Satreceiver SKY UHD ( Humax EDS-160s)

- TV Samsung UE60KS7090UXZG . None of the above Items doesn't work with the LS650. I'm very disappointed.

In addition with this setup I want to listen to the internet radio BUT I don't want to have the TV ON.
Can you tell me how I can switch the TV off without to switch the LS650 of?

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May 16, 2016

Re: LS 650 Issues with Sources

Hi Alex650, 


We have responded to your question about listening to Internet Radio with the TV off HERE


As far as the system not controlling your devices, there are few steps that could potentially help. Can you try re-seating the HDMI cables? Can you also check the CEC setting on your sources (Xbox, Sky and Samsung) to ensure that it is enabled? If the device was manufactured before 2010 or so it may not have update-to-date HDMI-CEC functionality (or any CEC functionality at all). If the device was purchased more recently, check the settings menu of the device to be sure HDMI-CEC control is turned on. Some manufactures have their own trademarked name for this functionality. Samsung, for example, calls this Anynet+. 


Also, in the Unify setup menu, can you try removing and re-adding your devices? Doing this while connected to the internet will force the system to retrieve the latest set of remote codes for the device being connected. 


Thank you