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Mar 21, 2018

LifeStyle 600 650 Sound Issues (echoes) / SONY XBR55A1E / Apple TV 4K / CEC issue / Power Macro V2

I'm still awaiting additional feedback and am re-posting...


Original Post: "I'm running an Apple TV 4K to my LS650 system and then to my SONY XBR55A1E and having sound issues. I use the BOSE remote to power up my TV and Apple TV 4K via CEC control (I have have the Power Macro set to start Apple TV at start up). When everything powers up, my TV states that it is "Switching to External Speakers" and after a moment or two it is says it's "Switching to TV speakers." While this is happening, audio echoes as sound is coming from the TV AND the LS650. It stays that way until I do the following...switch source to TV via BOSE remote and then back to Apple TV which fixes the issue...that is until the next time it starts up with everything powered off. 


I then changed the Power Macro in the BOSE setup to NONE and when the power button on the BOSE remote is pressed (with everything off) the Apple TV 4K takes a little longer to start up (it shouldn't start with Power Macro set to NONE correct?) and audio works fine. However I still get the echo if the Apple TV 4K is left on (not sleep mode / light is lit) and power up the LS650 which turns on the SONY TV.


Furthermore...I've swapped HDMI cables, run the Apple TV 4K to HDMI port no. 2 on the TV and utilized ARC to the LS650 and still have the same problem. I initially thought it was the TV, but after working with a senior service rep at SONY...I'm confident it's not a SONY issue as we tried an array of different settings.


My ultimate end game is to use ONE remote...whether it be the BOSE or Apple TV remote and have consistant sound. One a side note...with my current configuration, everything powered off and starting the Apple TV 4K with the Apple remote...the Apple TV 4K turns on along with the TV but not the LS650 (for the TV to turn on, the signal passes through the LS650 to power up the TV...why isn't the LS650 powering up?)


Help would be greatly appreciated!!!"


Bose Reply: "Thank you for the post and all of detailed troubleshooting you have done. Have you tried toggling CEC from "On" to "Alternate"? This can resolve inconsistencies with CEC.  To change CEC settings on your console, instructions are as follows:

  • Turn on the system and press the SETUP button at the bottom of the remote. The Unify menu will appear on the TV screen. If it doesn't, select the TV input the Bose system is connected to.
  • Select the "CEC Settings" menu option
  • Press the up or down arrows to highlight a different HDMI CEC setting:
  • Default On Enables CEC
  • Alternate On: Prevents unintended source switching and may fix CEC inconsistencies
  • Off: Disables CEC
  • Press OK to enable the highlighted HDMI CEC setting
  • Press EXIT to exit the menu

Let us know the results.


Kind Regards,



My Last Reply: "Joel,


Thank you for your reply and I've already tried this. Currently CEC setting is set to "Alternate On" for the issues I reported in the first post.


If I switch to CEC to "On" it presents another and different issue and is as follows: Press power button on Bose remote and LS650 turns on first, then the TV and Apple TV 4K last just as it does when "Alternate On" seleected. The difference is when the system is powered off via power button on Bose remote. The sequence goes like this...LS650 turns off, then TV turns off and Apple TV 4K remains on. Then...without pressing ANY buttons on ANY remote the LS650 powers up on it's own first and then the TV. The only way everything turns off with one click is to put the Apple TV 4K to sleep hence having to use more than one remote and what I'm trying to get away from. The Bose remote does not power down the Apple TV 4K when everything is on. 


Please advise as I think Bose needs to look into this further. I realize that we're dealing with three different systems that all receive firmware updates so having a slolution may take time. However, I'm confident and willing to bet a paycheck it falls into an issue with Bose as Apple and Sony have alot more experience in the software field. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Thank you,