Lifestyle 18 Series III - What to do!?

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Lifestyle 18 Series III - What to do!?

First things first - I have absoluely loved my Lifestyle 18 Series III system; still do! It's 100% functional and listening to music is fantastic!


However; I've recently purchased a 75 inch 4K Samsung Q7F; mounted it I feel defeated. I'm am not getting Surround Sound when watching any content delivered by my main video source - Nvidia Shield. Listening to music from the Shield; the system sounds as great as ever. Movie sound only comes through the Center channel and L/R Front cubes; never a true "surround sound"


I have 4 total devices; TV, Bose Media Center, PS4, and Nvidia Shield.


The Samsung TV has the OneConnect box that only has 4 HDMI inputs (one being HDMI ARC) and one Optical Digital Output. I did purchase the VS2-Video Enhancer (but never used it until this week).


I've got the TV connected to the Bose Media Center via the Digital Optical cable interface (as that's my only option). I also have (not that this is necessary) the Bose Mecia Center connected to the TV using the VS2-Video Enhancer (in order for me to assign the Optical output to the TV interface).


I'm not sure what to do - I absolutely loathe the idea of replacing this LifeStyle system; especially when it's in perfect working condition. What are my options!?

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Re: Lifestyle 18 Series III - What to do!?

Hi Camscrub,


Thanks for posting on the Community!  Sorry to hear about the setup troubles, but I'd be happy to help!


I would actually recommend removing the VS-2 altogether because it's only capable of handling 1080i.  In this case, I would recommend connecting all your third party devices directly to the TV's One Connect box so you can take advantage of 4K video as well.  


At this point, what does the Bose media center show as an audio format? PCM 2.0 or Dolby Digital?

If it's showing PCM 2.0 it could be that we need to check the audio output settings on the source device and TV to make sure it's set to Dolby Digital.


One more thing to note, some TVs will only output a stereo 2.0 signal from HDMI sources.  To confirm this, we can connect the PS4 directly to the optical connection and make sure the output settings and content are in Dolby Digital 5.1.


Let us know how it goes!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support