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Dec 4, 2018

Lifestyle 235 and HDMI cables

This problem has been on and off for almost 3 years now.  Randomly, the picture will get really grainy with moving colorful lines.  Sometimes it lasts a few secords, sometimes a few minutes, but now it's constant.  I can get to the Bose menu and that all works just fine. It's only when something is playing through the system (xbox)  We have replaced the HDMI cable with brand new ones. Tried multiple times.  Has been with the same tv for about 3 years.  Sound is unaffected when this happens although. I've tried changing inputs as well and different set ups between the tv, xbox, and cable box. 


Since disconnecting the Bose and just using the regular tv sound this issue never happens. 

Not sure what to do at this point and I can't seem to find anyone else with this same exact problem.



Re: Lifestyle 235 and HDMI cables

Hi there, 


Thanks for the post, and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're been having with your system.


Which Xbox do you have?  What is the length of the HDMI cable from the Xbox to the Bose system?


Does it happen all the time, or only when playing certain things on the Xbox?


Let us know so we can get this resolved.


Best Regards,

Brandon - Community Support