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Mar 12, 2019

Lifestyle 600 mute on Startup

normally i start my setup (Apple TV 4K connected to Lifestyle 600 via HDMI // Lifestyle connected to Panasonic 4K TV via HDMI) with the Apple TV remote or i start streaming via AirPlay and everything turns on. From time to time my Lifestyle system mutes itself at startup or after a few seconds when starting with Apple TV.

My system says it is up to date.

What can i do that it will stop to mute itself or should i start searching in the Apple TV?

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Re: Lifestyle 600 mute on Startup

Hi Disconn,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear that you're currently experiencing issues with your Lifestyle 600 but would love to help. 


To confirm, does the audio return after a specified period of time, or does it remain silent? If the audio does remain silent, how do you initiate the audio playback again? 

If the audio does not return at all, it may be an issue with the HDMI-CEC functionality between the devices. Try changing the HDMI-CEC setting of the control console between "On", "Alternative" or "Off" then determine if the issue goes away.

  • Turn on the system and press the SETUP button at the bottom of the remote. The Unify menu will appear on the TV screen. If it doesn't, select the TV input the Bose system is connected to.
  • Select the "CEC Settings" menu option
  • Press the up or down arrows to highlight a different HDMI CEC setting:
    • Default On Enables CEC
    • Alternate On: Prevents unintended source switching and may fix CEC inconsistencies
    • Off: Disables CEC
  • Press OK to enable the highlighted HDMI CEC setting
  • Press EXIT to exit the menu

I would also recommend investigating the CEC functionality on your Apple TV itself within the general settings to compare your own results.


It may also be beneficial to perform a product reset on your Lifestyle 600 and Apple TV. This can be done by simply disconnecting the systems from power completely for 60 seconds, then reconnecting back to power to test again for results.


Kind regards,

Andy B - Community Support