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Sep 30, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 600 remote to cotrol Samsung TV

Well, a new update just popped up and it solved everything. But it only popped up when I went to turn of the Bose from the setup screen.
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Apr 4, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 600 remote to cotrol Samsung TV

To everyone on this thread
I had this problem after a factory reset, what cured this for me was, unpairing the remote from the console, whilst console is switched on, press and hold the on/off button on the console for around 20 seconds, press any button on the remote, if unpaired, you will see the spinning disc on the remote, by the way, this method should not turn your console off. Take out the batteries from the remote, I also unplugged my rear speakers and bass module and pulled out the power cable for these speakers, then on the console press source and setup up button together and hold for around 20 seconds, once done, switch power off to the console, unplug power cable and leave the entire system for a hour or two, i left mine for two, this way i found if any bad data or build up of cache files are on the wireless speakers or remote, this will remove all.
After the two hours are up, place your batteries back in the remote, plug your console power cable back in and switch on, do not plug your wireless speakers back in until prompted by unify setup, just follow the unify process then.
Like i said before, this worked for me, i hope it will work for you guys and gals.