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Jan 13, 2018

Lifestyle 600 sound quality when using SoundTouch as source?

This question is difficult to ask, because SoundTouch is apparently

1. a source input on the Lifestyle 600

2. an app

3. AND a Bose product line completely unrelated to the Lifestyle line.

with that out of the way...


Problem: When using the soundtouch function (Source > SoundTouch > Pandora, for example), we notice that the audio quality is poor. It sounds... meh. Flat and uninspired.

Howver, when playing the same song using Bluetooth as the source (driven by Pandora), it sounds FAR better. It sounds much fuller, and engages the surround speakers noticeably more. It sounds... magical. 

It's a very stark difference between the SoundTouch source, and the other sources.


Have others noticed this difference in sound quality?

Are there audio settings that are specific to the SoundTouch source?



  • Lifestyle 600
  • Connected via Ethernet
  • Playing pandora via "SoundTouch" source.
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Lifestyle 600 sound quality when using SoundTouch as source?

Hi blackbeardrrr,


Thanks for the question.


So you have Pandora built into SoundTouch, and you are also streaming Pandora from a bluetooth enabled device, like a Smartphone?


If the smartphone sounds different, it's because of a few different things.  The SoundTouch source is playing the true unmodified stereo audio that it is receiving from the source (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, or many of the other sources available).  When you send audio via Bluetooth, your mobile device may be applying an EQ curve to it to change the audio (maybe unnaturally boosting the highs and lows).  As well, it may be forcing audio into the surround speakers that really shouldn't be there.  With standard stereo music, you want a left and right channel playing audio, and that's it.  Forcing surround sound is going to mix all of the channels together, and there won't be nearly as much separation.


If you have any other questions or would like me to clarify, please let me know!



Brandon - Bose Support