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Sep 23, 2017

Lifestyle 600 unable to pair Samsung Q7 TV


I have a few questions actually.

1. I am unable to pair/control the tv with the bose remote, when I'm searching for the model of the tv, nothing is found for my QA7 series model.

2. Unable to connect via hardwire Ethernet cable but works fine on wifi. Tested with all different ports and works fine with my pc and Samsung tv but when connected to the bose port, it dosent detect Ethernet.

3. When viewing tv and I decide to listen to Bluetooth or some other audio, how come my tv changes to black screen and loses video ?

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Lifestyle 600 unable to pair Samsung Q7 TV

Hello PowetNet,


Thank you for your inquiries. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. 


1. Is your Lifestyle console connected to your TV's HDMI/ARC input? If so, be sure that CEC (Anynet+) is enabled within your TV settings. Next, try adjusting the Lifestyle system's CEC settings. I'd recommend toggling between Default On, and Alternate On, to see if either allows control of your TV.

  • Turn on the system and press the SETUP button at the bottom of the remote. The Unify menu will appear on the TV screen. If it doesn't, select the TV input the Bose system is connected to.
  • Select the "CEC Settings" menu option
  • Press the up or down arrows to highlight a different HDMI CEC setting:
    1. Default On Enables CEC
    2. Alternate On: Prevents unintended source switching and may fix CEC inconsistencies
    3. Off: Disables CEC
  • Press OK to enable the highlighted HDMI CEC setting
  • Press EXIT to exit the menu


2. It is certainly odd that the system isn't detecting the Ethernet connection. Could you try the following Ethernet setup steps using the SoundTouch app? We'll need to remove and re-add the system from your SoundTouch account:


  • In the SoundTouch app, choose the menu icon in the upper left
  • Choose "Settings" > "Speaker Settings" > and select the Lifestyle system
  • Choose "REMOVE" to confirm
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from an active network Ethernet port to the Ethernet jack on the Bose system
  • Open the SoundTouch app:
    • If this is the first time opening the app, choose "GET STARTED" or, if you already have a SoundTouch account, "Sign in to existing account"
    • If adding a system to an account, select Menu > "Settings" > "Add or Reconnect Speaker"
  • Choose "ETHERNET" and wait while the system is detected
  • Enter a system name for the system (or leave the name unchanged) and choose "CONTINUE"


3. Great question! This is because the Lifestyle 600's Bluetooth feature is its own source, separate from the system's HDMI sources. For example, if you have a cable/satellite receiver connected to one of the console's HDMI inputs; when this input is actively selected, the video will be passed from the cable/satellite receiver, through the Lifestyle console, then to the TV. Audio will be passed to the console, and then to the Bose speakers. When you switch to the Bluetooth source, the console is no longer actively focusing on the cable/satellite HDMI source and will cease to pass video to the TV. If you were to connect your source devices directly to your TV instead of the Bose console, the video would likely continue to play on the screen (since the console is no longer in the middle to support video pass-through). 


I hope this helps!


Best regards,



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Sep 23, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 600 unable to pair Samsung Q7 TV



I have posted here regarding this pairing of the remote.



regarding the bluetooh/soundcloud, since these are mainly audio inputs, I dont see why the video to the TV should be changed. it just makes more sense when someone wants to listen to bluetooh/soundcloud while watching TV you dont want the video to change.