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Jun 30, 2017

Lifestyle 650 - Bluetooth/SoundTouch connectivity issues

Hi , I have experienced most of the problems others have reported with this system and feel that I should have returned for a refund. More fool me I haven't and I am just about beginning to accept its unreliable and inconsistent behaviour. of I am experiencing another which I wonder if others are also experiencing or if I am alone in wanting to throw it out the  window in frustration. 


Once I have connected a device to the console using either Bluetooth or SoundTouch  a day or two later if I try and connect the devices (iPhone or iPad) they are unable to find the console/ speakers. I have tried doing what has been suggested; unify - disconnect paired devices, tell device to forget console and then and re-pair. The only way that I can re-connect is either to unplug from power ( not that easy due to location of socket) or do a console reset each time. Neither is satisfactory. 


Are others having this issue, and is just another example of poor usability of this system and perhaps being realeased to market too soon or a genuine fault with my console?


Many thanks


p.s. LG OLED tv/Sky q - I have thrown in the towel with CEC and have now turned off on the lifestyle. I find that connecting to the intended source is far better, albeit not perfect. I can still use the Bose lifestyle remote to control Sky q/ turn tv on etc. 

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Apr 4, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 650 - Bluetooth/SoundTouch connectivity issues

Hi Mridle

I can confirm cec arc issues are now fixed with LG Tvs, mine is a Oled65C6v, this is from the lastest firmware update.
As for Blue tooth or Sound Touch, I've never had any issues from the console, are you checking your devices to see if the problem lies there, I had trouble pairing my phone to the car stereo, but not to the console 🙂 I eventually found that, my phone was paired to too many devices and I had to delete some on my phone settings, remember, it does take two to tango 🙂
Hope this helps