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Mar 15, 2019

Lifestyle 650 minimum speaker wire size

I just remodeled my house and had nice fat 12AWG in-wall speaker wires installed for 5-channel surround sound. After moving in I bought the lifestyle 650 system and quickly found that I need 2 more speaker wires for the center channel. The receiver is far from the speakers and it is impossible now to run more wire without smashing tile and drywall, but I do have an extra HDMI cable that can be repurposed for the speakers. The hdmi has 8 26AWG conductors, and is about a 20’ run from console to speaker. Will this be possible? What performance degradation will I see? Thanks for your help!

Re: Lifestyle 650 minimum speaker wire size

Hi Vinaykshah, 


Many thanks for your question and welcome to the community.


We would not recommend using a converted HDMI cable over the speaker cables provided with the system. If you contact your local Customer Support Team, they would be able to discuss this further with you.


If you select this link - Contact Us, you can select your region. Scroll to the bottom and select contact us which will provide you with their contact number.


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Leon_C - Community Support