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Mar 18, 2019

Lifestyle v35 4k

I have a lifestyle v35 and I would like to setup 4k (netflix + cable). I've read that most people suggest using 4k directly from the TV and hooking up an optical cable to the bose console. However, my TV is built into the wall, so connecting an optical cable is challenging! The only cables I have from he TV are two hdmi.


Is it possible to upgrade to a different bose console that supports 4k while still using the existing speakers? If not, what other solutions would you suggest? I've tried purchasing an hdmi switch but it is hard to find one with optical out and that supports the latest 4k (ie. netflix).


Re: Lifestyle v35 4k

Hi jkindness, 


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community! 


In regards to your query, we do normally suggest plugging 4K devices into the TV and running an optical. We do not currectly have any consoles that you can upgrade to and keep the speakers. 


The only other thing we can suggest is a potential adapter from HDMI to optical. However, you will still have issues with plugging in the 4K products to the TV.


I hope this helps! have a great day! 


Jessie O - Community Support