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Dec 28, 2018

Lifestyles audio systems

While bose does not reveal output power of recivers, how can you compare different system for professional audio quality (not movies) with technical specs?

For instanse, if you have a different room sizes and need to setup different systems, its very simple with other brands that can tell you system A has 30watt power 2.1 , its good enough for 120sf, system B has 150 watt 5.1 good for a big hall 1500 sf, system A is good for music and system B is made for movies and so on.... But when it comes to Bose no one has technical answer. I went to a few Bose show rooms in Los Angeles ans Irvine and ask them this question that what is the output power differences between Soundtouch 300 and AV33, and which one is good for a 600sf room? no specific answer from Bose experts and at the best way you get an offer to hear and decide by yourself!!!

I'm not comparing output power between brands but there shoud be a reference for people who wants to buy a good sound system even the older models that have still good sound quality, while there are no technical references for any of bose systems output power for general public. 

To my knowledge this couses many confusion for pro customers. I often go to best buy in Audio system section and met many guys who had the same issues and ended up with other brands. 

Any how I appreciate if anyone can help me in regards to my question about a professional audio system for a 250 sf mainly for Music and sometimes for movies. My budget is about $1000.

Thank you.


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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Lifestyles audio systems

@MJ-2019 wrote:

>While bose does not reveal output power of recivers, how can you compare different system for professional audio quality (not movies) with technical specs?


Not publishing specs has always been a Bose thing. Good specs does not equal good sound is a philosophy in the Bose DNA.


I am inclined to agree. I couldn’t tell you much about the sound specs in my Bose gear but I do know it all sounds really good. Changing homes lately the gear responded well. Of course I had to run Adapt IQ for my Cinemate 130 system? 


I gather from your post you are looking for a system that will perform well in a 600 square foot room. What are you trying to do in the room?  Home Theater or just music?


$1000.00 will get you some good sound


For Home Theater have a look at the Bose Acoustimass system and a 5.1 receiver. 


For music SoundTouch 30 will easily do the job and has big rich sound.


My listening experience is limited with the new Smart Home 500 speaker. I had a listen at Staples ( not the best place to audition a speaker). I thought that speaker was a little under powered but again that was a terrible environment to listen to the speaker.


Another cool option I have always wanted to try and heard at a Bose store:


SA-5 amp and pair of Bose 360 speakers. Big detailed sound with SoundTouch.


Again it it all depends what you want to do. Knowing the specs really won’t shed much light on what want to do with a $1000.00 and some Bose gear.


 I read your post again...


For 250 square feet (music and movies) have a look at the SoundBar 500 and sub, that might put you a little over your budget.


Another option Solo 15. I have one, this will give you lots of good sound in that space. You will have to call Bose directly to order.  Ad a SoundTouch adaptor for more music options.