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Nov 26, 2019

Model AV 3-2-1 II Media Center outputs no audio

We had our 3-2-1 in storage for about 1 year.  I installed it again two weeks ago, and everything appears to be fine, but there was no audio output.  I did the "unplug power, wait 30 seconds, plug in power, watch for 'Bose 3-2-1' on the display" procedure. Still no audio.  I called Bose Support, and he had me try AM and FM radio stations at 100% volume levels in hopes of at least hearing static.  Still no audio.  I loaded a regular music CD.  The system did a track scan and then started playing the 1st track.  The seconds counter incremented normally.  No audio.

I think I assembled the system out of the recommended sequence.  I think I had power to the Acoustimass module before connecting the speaker cable. 

Might anyone have a suggestion or a Los Angeles area repair shop recommendation, I hope?