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Aug 12, 2017

No audio on Wave III

Our Wave III audio has stopped after a two day power interruption. During the outage, the unit remained plugged in. There is NO battery backup that I can find*.  I tried unplugging the unit again for an hour and plugging it back in but no luck.  The remote battery is fine and with it I can set the alarm, change the radio channels, and access the CD function**.


*There is a help page out there that says to remove and replace the 9V battery back up -- but there is no such thing that I can find on the bottom of the machine.


**We don't have a single CD anymore to try that and check for audio that way.

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May 16, 2016

Re: No audio on Wave III

Hi Captanne, 


I'm so sorry to hear that. The Wave III is a great system and I'm sure you really want it to function properly again. I think you may have found the reset instructions for the Wave Radio I v3; That particular model had a 9 V battery whereas the Wave III doesn't. The Wave III was different in that it doesn't have any buttons on the top. If a reset didn't fix this, I'd recommend reaching out to your local support group. Please go to the site HERE, select your country, click "Support" in the upper right, scroll down and click "Contact Us" to get their phone number. 


Thank you