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Mar 21, 2017

Only using in-ceiling speakers for 5.1 sound?

We are building a new home, and pre-wiring the family room for 5.1 sound. My wife doesn't want speaker mounts in the room, so I am restricted to in-ceiling speakers (in-wall is not an option due to room layout).


Would the Virtually Invisible 791 II be suitable for all 5 speakers (2 front/center/2 rear)? I'm concerned the dialogue would sound like it's coming from the ceiling, and not from the TV. I notice the 791 doesn't have a tweeter/woofer that tilts and allows you to aim the sound, like other speaker brands offer. 


I should be able to put a subwoofer on a shelf. Thanks for any input.

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Dec 13, 2016

Re: Only using in-ceiling speakers for 5.1 sound?

Hi GoBlue99,

We typically don't recommend in-ceiling speakers for surround sound. Even if there was a tilting option, it would still sound like the sound is coming from the ceiling. If you have a local Bose store we do work with installers for unique setups such as this.