Panasonic EZ950 and ST 300 CONSTANTLY LOSING SYNC.

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Panasonic EZ950 and ST 300 CONSTANTLY LOSING SYNC.


I am still having problems with my soundtouch 300.

Basically about once every 2 weeks (sometimes every week) the soundbar goes out of sync with the TV i.e. when the TV is turned off, the speaker stays on and can only be controlled by the app or the Bose Remote.

I then turn off the soundbar, unplug all the cables from the soundbar and the TV including the HDMI ARC and leave them off for a minute or so.

I then plug the power cable into the soundbar and let it turn itself on, I then plug the HDMI ARC into the soundbar first and the TV second.

I then turn the TV on, go to the sound menu on the TV and select HOME CINEMA from the sound menu and get an error message on screen regarding the HDMI connections stating that they should be checked


I go through the same procedure several times without success and then suddenly for no apparent reason I get sound through the sound bar, which on first appearances is excellent.


Then I turn the TV off and the soundbar stays on.

I have tried new cables for the HDMI connection, new ethernet cables, turned every permutation of CMC On, OFF, Alternate ON you name it I've tried it and then for no obvious reason everything works and harmony is restored to the household if only briefly.

This is driving me to the point of getting rid of the soundbar to the local council refuse tip because the whole process sometimes takes hours and is so frustratingly random.

Last night the most bizarre thing happened, as usual the soundbar decided to not turn off at bedtime so I turned it off using the remote control, I then turned the TV off, closed the doors and went off to bed.

At 6.30 am when I got up for work I could hear people talking downstairs so went down to investigate and the TV and Sounbar were both on and Gareth Southgate was chatting away about the England Squad for this evening.

Definitley not good for my sanity nor electricity bill.

Can you please help before I take some really drastic action


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