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Dec 20, 2018

Plans and timetable for updating software (e.g. bose music, etc.)?

I recently went all-in and got a new entertainment system.  I spent a lot of money, and decided to get the soundbar 700, the wall mount, the rear speakers and floor stands, and the sub.  needless to say, i didn't do it because it was the less expensive option.  i did it for the sound quality that bose promises, and, on that front i am not disappointed.  to my ears, it's the best sounding sound-bar system i tested.  it's not the most bang for the buck, but i knew going in that bose runs a bit higher for price; quality was just that important to me.

unfortunately, i do have some regrets, that i have voiced as parts of other threads:
1) inability to switch back from amazon music to optical/hdmi/TV input via alexa;  you HAVE to use the supplied remote, which, unfortunately, doesn't meet my needs because my xfinity remote's capabilities cannot be mimicked by bose's.
2) I cannot believe that multi-room music is not supported with amazon echo devices.  that's pretty awful.

I was all set to buy the soundbar 500 system for a smaller room in the house, and now i can't do it, because Bose really seemed to drop the ball on the software end.
The only responses I've seen from Bose on these issues are along the lines of "these great ideas have been passed on to the development team."  but there apparently is no plan to incorporate these capabilities or any timeline if there is.  I would very much appreciate a "coming soon" page at the bose website that allows us as customers to know exactly what the development team of say, the bose music *is* working on.  it would help to have some clue as to what to expect, down the line regarding additional features and/or bug fixes.  if this page already exists, please post the link, and my apologies for requesting something you're already offering.


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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Plans and timetable for updating software (e.g. bose music, etc.)?

Hello whinySmurf,


Thanks for the post.


We do appreciate the time you took to let us know what you would like to see in the future with the Smart Home product line. I'm happy to see you're enjoying the audio quality of the new Soundbar 700.


I can assure you development has heard these requests and if we do have any new information on future updates, we'll be sure to let the community know.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support

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Jan 21, 2019

Re: Plans and timetable for updating software (e.g. bose music, etc.)?

Hello Bose Team,

maybe you could just open a new discussion where people can write down their requests (there are a lot of requests, but nothing is really done until now)! All request collected under one discussion would keep the forum clean and keep the community informed.

Furthermore it would be good, if you could inform the customers which features are going to be implemented and which have been declined by the development team. There are so many requests but nothing happens!