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Nov 6, 2019

Please bring back the Bose Roommate ll System

I’m writing this in hopes that this msg reach the design engineers.  I own the Bose Roommate ll along with the carrying case and I find it to be the my favorite Bose product by far and I own plenty of Bose products.  To me, it sounds even better than the Acoustic wave ll (which I own as well) that replaced it.  The ability to take the unit with you on the go and separate the speakers for more sound separation is spectacular.  My only grip about the Roommate ll is that it never got quite loud enough before it started distorting.  With new dsp technology and class d amplification you can have a really nice system on your hands.  I believe this unit will be a hit because none of the portable units that you sell now are suitable for a decent size tailgate or picnic.  The sound quality of the Roommate pls was just perfect but not loud enough.  With all that been said, I would love to see Roommate lll come out with a similar carry bag and portable battery.  Increase the size of the speaker and power output.  This will really make my day.  Thanks, Doug (loyal Bose customer for over 25 years)


Re: Please bring back the Bose Roommate ll System

Hello Doug, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


It is so great to hear from such a loyal Bose customer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback on this system. 


I will certainly pass your feedback onto the development team for consideration. 


If you have any other ideas please do let me know and I would love to pass them onto the team for you.


If any other community users have any thoughts on this I would love to hear them. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 



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