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Jul 7, 2019

Problem with my Bose Lifestyle 600

After updating every time I turn off and on the device the green screen turns on and does not transmit 4k. I have to disconnect and connect the HDMI cable. what is the solution

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Oct 4, 2017

Re: Problem with my Bose Lifestyle 600

This has been a known issue for some time and it seems to be a handshake issue between the connected devices that can cause a green or pink tint to the screen and possibly no sound.  If you search for the post titled "Lifestyle 650 HDR Problems" it has affected a number of users, myself included.  Ensure that you have the latest version of firmware installed - it is detailed at the top of the forum page Lifestyle 550/600/650 - Firmware Update 22.0.4 - 17 September 2019 This update seemed to fix mine and I've had no issues since.  Before this update I found I could avoid the issue by switching on the TV after everything else.