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Mar 7, 2018

SA1 and SA2

I currently have an AV28 connected to SA2 which links to the SA1. SA2 is powering the speakers in the dining area and SA1 powers the 151SE outdoor speakers. The only issue I have is the volume on the SA2 is very high before any sound comes out of the SA1. I have installed a VCA volume control to the SA2 so the inside speakers can be turned down or off if we are sitting outside. The only issue I have is if the VCA is turned to the minimum the SA2 doesn't recognise that it is connected and with one push of the volume button on the remote it cranks up very loud. Turn the knob up a slight amount and the SA2 recognises it and lowers the volume to match. Very confusing and such a pain. 

I want to try and get the speaker volumes in sync and have the VCA so when it is fully down and I press the volume on the remote outside it doesn't turn the inside speakers on extremely loud