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Dec 11, 2017

SOUNDTOUCH 300 with VI300 and Updated App conflict with Sony TV Speakers

Hi @bose


i read through a number of posts on how to resolve this issue but couldn't really quite make it out. 


I recently added the VI 300 speakers to my ST300 (through HDMI1) and Sub set up. At first no sound came from the rear speakers until i added the app to my wifi network and did the add remove speakers to pair everything up. 


Once i updated the Sound Touch app i now have the issue of my ST signal dropping and reverting back to the TV speakers or having this weird tinny echo (i think it's just even the central speaker playing). i've had 1 night of success manually turning on and off the speaker from the phone app but now can't control anything from the remote. 


I have the Alternate ON toggled for the CEC in the Bose end and i've played around with having it turned off completely but to no avail. 


I also have a PS4 plugged in through HDMI 3


Is there a simple easy to understand solution to resolve this? 






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Dec 5, 2016

Re: SOUNDTOUCH 300 with VI300 and Updated App conflict with Sony TV Speakers

Hello Robbee C,


Thank you for posting. How is your TV connected to SoundTouch 300, HDMI or optical? Have you attempted power cycling the TV for a full minute(unplugged from power)? What is the model number and software version of the TV? Is there a software update available for the TV at this time?


Lets try this in order: (power reset by unplugging for a minute)


  • SoundTouch 300
  • peripheral devices connected (cable box, game system. etc.)
  • TV

Let me know if you have any other question.


Kind Regards,