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Dec 6, 2018

ST 300 Not Detected by Mobile App After Multiple Reconfigs

I've tried multiple times to reconnect my SoundTouch 300 soundbar to my wireless network. The wireless status light is solid white. The mobile app on my iPhone 7+ does not see it, despite allowing me to configure it after setting the speaker to config mode by pressing and holding the 9 button and waiting for the lights to flash.

I have also forced a firmware update by pressing the SoundTouch button on the remote, then pressing and holding the CC button at the bottom, and waiting for it to finish (the wifi connection indicator was blinking 3 times, holding steady, then blinking 3 times, until the process finished and the soundbar restarted itself).

I've removed the SoundTouch app from my phone and reinstalled.

None of these processes has solved the problem.

Finally, I started the application on my PC, and was instructed to plug in the ST300 via a microUSB cable. It detected it, configured it, and then the app "saw" my speaker. After that, I attempted to detect the speaker with my iPhone, but for whatever reason, if I add the speaker in the PC application, the iPhone can't see the speaker until I add it to my account again, which then prevents the PC application from seeing it.

How do I get both the PC application *AND* the iPhone app to see the same speaker at the same time? 


The fact that I've had to resort to this, after spending so much money on this speaker, is abominable. I expect Bose, who is supposed to be a purveyor of quality goods, to deliver something that isn't hot garbage.


Do not tell me I have to plug in a network cable to this device. It has wifi capability; it needs to work.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: ST 300 Not Detected by Mobile App After Multiple Reconfigs

Hi auberonkai,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community.


I'm sorry to hear about the frustration with your system detection issue across different platforms, but I'd like to help.


  • Has this always been happening since the beginning?
  • Can you provide me more detail(i.e., make and model of router and any access points)on your network setup and how many WiFi networks do you have in your home?


Let me know the results.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support