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Jun 25, 2017

Solo 5 distorted/muddy sound output as if freq's are brawling to get out.

I selected the Solo 5 as a service award from my company.  I used the Optical Cable to connect to the TV.  The sound is muddy, as if the frequencies are fighting for domination, if that makes any sense.  I can hear the bass getting squelched by the highs and any mids are seemingly canceling the weaker of either bass or treble that aren't being accentuated.  It's like they're brawling to get heard out of the system.  The volume is not impressive at all.  I wish I cold relate to those reading this, regarding where these freq settings are, but there is only a bass control on the remote and I have no idea where it is set in terms of max/min as there is no display or other intuitive indicatior of min/mid/max for the setting.  I disconnected the AC power supply to the unit for 1 minute but it made no difference. I don't have a coaxial cable to try that.  My friend has a cheap Insignia sound bar that puts that Solo 5 to shame.  I don't know if I'm expecting too much from a small unit, but I have owned a set of 301's since '87 that still kick butt, and a wave radio that is incredible.  I'm hoping that the unit that I have is defective.  If this is performance as intended, it's going back in lieu of another selection from the service award catalog.  Any help would be appreciated


Re: Solo 5 distorted/muddy sound output as if freq's are brawling to get out.

Hi Kevin, 


It sounds to me like something is definitely not functioning properly. Do you have another optical cable you could try to see if it's an issue with the cable? Also, do you have another source device you could try to connect to the soundbar to make sure it's not an issue with the TV? Since you have tried the reset already, then we know this is not being caused by a software glitch. Please let us know if you have any other questions. 


Thank you