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May 31, 2017

Sound Bar 500 and SoundTouch Wireless Link Setup



Can I connect a soundtouch wireless link adapter to a soundbar 500 with the goal of achieving multi-room music? I realize there is a dedicated bose music app. But if I want to exclusively manage the soundbar 500 through the soundtouch app, could I? Again, i realize the bose music app will be needed to adjust settings for the soundbar which is fine. I just want to know if the soundbar 500 would show up in soundtouch app AND play music in a group with other soundtouch devices. I don't plan for the bose music app to compete with the soundtouch app. I want to disregard the music app and focus on the benefit of the grouping feature of soundtouch.





Re: Sound Bar 500 and SoundTouch Wireless Link Setup

Hi Fortune4chin, thanks for your post and thanks for your question. I have seen a few other posts on the community about doing the same thing and I have seen a few success stories, however this isn't something that we would recommend doing as you would be using two different types of software and will prove to be unreliable. 


Hope this helps. 


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