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Jun 2, 2019

SoundLink mini II red flashing light - bricked?

Hello, I have had a SoundLink mini II for about 2 years, it has been working fine until this morning.

It just flashes red, no matter what I've tried:


- I am in win10

- Tried 3 separate working USB cables

- Tries plugging USBs into both computer and directly into wall socket (not with original BOSE stock...but geesus, been working fine for 2 yrs without BOSE USB cable).

- The Android app does not detect it

- The Bose updater page does not detect it - (page keeps saying "this page will change when..."

- Have installed the BOSE updater app

- I have tried putting into "Shipping mode"

Note: nothing changed since yesterday (no new hardware, no new software)...just fired it up this morning to a flashing light.


Any help would be appreciated