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Mar 29, 2019

Soundbar 500 source keeps changing

Hello, first post here!

I have a Soundbar 500 and oftentimes, when I turn the tv off and then reopen it later, there is no sound coming out of the Soundbar.  I have to go get the Bose remote an press the TV button to change the source back to the television.  Why doesn’t it stay to TV automatically (I don’t use the Soundbar for anything else in between)?

this is my only complaint about this product...



Re: Soundbar 500 source keeps changing

Hi Hu9uest, thanks for your post and welcome to the community! How is your Soundbar connected to the TV? If you are connected via HDMI I would highly recommend ensuring that the HDMI-CEC setting is set to either Alternate or Off to remove any conflicts. When turning off the TV are you also turning off the Soundbar, if not the reason may be that in turning off the TV for a long time the Soundbar doesn't have a source and therefore will not output audio the next time that you turn the TV on. 


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