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Oct 8, 2018

Soundbar 700 best way to add phonograph

Soundbar 700 is great now that the remote is working!

What is the best way to add an external audio source?  I want to play records through my Soundbar 700.  I can convert the line level RCA jacks to optical audio or HDMI.  USB out is also available on the record player.  What is the best recommendation?  Thank you.  Currently: Bose Soundbar 700 and Bass 700/LG 70"LCDTV/Apple TV



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Re: Soundbar 700 best way to add phonograph

Hi TCress


Thanks for writing in!


I would recommend using an analog to digital converter and run an optical cable to the soundbar.  If it's an option, I know there are some companies that have Bluetooth enabled turntables as well, which should be the most convenient way of accessing this.  


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Tony A - Community Support