Soundtouch 300 v Soundbar 500 comparison

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Soundtouch 300 v Soundbar 500 comparison

Hey guys, 


I currently own a Soundtouch 300 with an acoustimass 300. The room that I have it in is only 3x3 meters so its not a huge room and I feel like it completely over powers the room. I am thinking about switching to the soundbar 500 and the bass module 500 but I don't want to give up the clarity. Will there be a big difference between the two? Should I stick to what I already have or do you think this will be a great substitute for a fairly small room?


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Re: Soundtouch 300 v Soundbar 500 comparison

Hello steve1389,


Thank you for the question and welcome to the community!


If you currently own other SoundTouch products in your home, I would suggest sticking with the SoundTouch 300 since the new products will not work in conjunction with the SoundTouch application.


As for sound quality, the Soundbar 500 does sound great but is also smaller than the SoundTouch 300. I would suggest trying it out at a local authorized reseller so you can hear the difference between the two products.


If you have any other questions, let us know.



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Re: Soundtouch 300 v Soundbar 500 comparison

Stick with the ST300, do not downshift to the soundbar 500.  I learned the hard way, couple years ago, purchased the ST120 instead of the larger ST130.  While the ST120 sounded clear and had a wide stereo field in the store, at home just was not what I wanted and the bass was sorely lacking, so I got rid of the sytem.    I have the ST300, AM300, and the VI300 surround speakers and I would not trade them for anything, let alone the new Bose soundbars, especially the 500 which I am almost 100% sure is lacking when compared to the bigger 700.  The room my setup is in is about 5 x 6 meters, a bit bigger than yours, and I love cranking the system up, it's like being in a theater.