Soundtouch Bluetooth delay with Amazon Echo

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Soundtouch Bluetooth delay with Amazon Echo

Hi there Bose community, I hope everyone is having a good day. I wonder if anyone can help me with an issue I’m having.


I have echo dots in each room one of which I planned to connect by Bluetooth to the soundbar, so that I can use the multi room function with that system (the Bose skill is not available in England to control Bose’s own multiroom, a disappointment, but I enjoy finding a workaround). Whenever the dot connects to the st300 there is a different length of delay, so it’s impossible to keep the rooms in sync. Has anyone else encounter this? Is there a solution?


its worth mentioning that I have experimented with other Bluetooth devices (Bose soundlink mini and a cheap Bluetooth receiver) and whilst there is always a delay, it is consistent so I can set the delay in the software to compensate. The same issue happens with my ST20 but I have worked round this with a 3rd party receiver into the aux in, there is no useable aux in on the soundbar, I think. Oh, I have tried resetting, power cycling etc to no avail.


Anyway, I look forward to your suggestions if you have any. This forum is very helpful, and you seem like a nice bunch of folks.


many thanks



my home audio setup

lounge- Bose ST300 on tv with echo dot for control (want to get the AM and VI speakers if I get Alexa working, otherwise I’ll be digging out another pair of 101 from the shed)

kitchen- Bose 101 with echo dot

bedroom- Bose ST20 with dot via Bluetooth receiver

kids room- Bose Soundlink Mini


Re: Soundtouch Bluetooth delay with Amazon Echo

Hi James,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


Since you're using the Amazon Dots connected via Bluetooth for multi-room playback on the SoundTouch 300, there would not be a way to adjust the latency when using Bluetooth.


I do encourage other community members to share their experiences with this type of setup. 


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Re: Soundtouch Bluetooth delay with Amazon Echo

Hi there Joel, a good afternoon to you. Thanks for replying.


it is actually now possible to manually adjust the Bluetooth latency by the millisecond for echo multiroom, (must be a recent addition as I haven’t really seen it mentioned online but it is there in the Alexa app I have done this successfully other Bluetooth speakers) which I have done and have everything running beautifully in sync, until I disconnect and reconnect the Soundtouch Bluetooth. When it reconnects, the delay is different, it is this variation which is causing me problems. I have also noticed this with connecting the Apple TV to ST300 via Bluetooth. Also sometimes drifting out of sync.


Thanks again to anyone who is able to contribute. I’m looking round the forum to find somewhere I can make a contribution of my own to help someone. I feel a bit guilty asking for help without having giving any.