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Mar 6, 2019

Speaker Grill

Not sure if I am in right place or not.  Doing some remodeling at a school, and they have some Bose speakers flush mounted in the ceiling.  A couple of the grills are damaged.  I am trying to identify the speaker, and curious if replacement grills are available.  Here is picture of speaker grill I am looking for.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.grill.jpg

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Re: Speaker Grill

Hi JB_Lap!


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community!


From that image, it looks like they may be the FreeSpace 102F Loudspeakers, which are regrettably no longer a serviceable speaker and we do not supply replacement grills for them.


The product's Installation Guide can be found HERE.


Please do reach out again if there is anything else that I can help with.


Kind regards,


Andy - Community Support

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