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Jun 29, 2017

US Bose Companion 2 in Europe

My circa 2005 speakers are still working wonderfully.  I am now in Germany for a few years though and have been told I shouldn't use them with a transformer.  Another post under wireless speakers said that a power adapter is not Bose specific so that person could simply buy any brand European spec 12V power adapter.  My product is so old and is UL listed for 120V only.  Would buying a new European power source work for my Companion 2 SKU P/N 278790-001?


Thank you.


Re: US Bose Companion 2 in Europe

Hello nagelkar,


The power supply that came with your system converts 120v to 12vDC 0.833A. If you have the Euro plug it will convert to the same 12vDC 0.833A and can be used with your speakers.