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Dec 25, 2016

USA Manufactured Bose Wave Music System III Radio Frequency Compatibility in South Korea & VV

USA and Korea appear to have the same radio broadcast frequencies for FM on odd number decimal places, e.g 101.1, 101.3 at 0.2 intervals and the same range for AM frequencies.   Does that mean that a US manufacture BWMS radio will work in Korea and a BWMS manufactured for Korea will work in the US, of course with the necessary 220 to 110 volt step-up or step-down transformer voltage converter and adapter plug?


Please confirm that BWMS radio broadcast frequency reception is not compatible between USA odd number decimal places tuners at 0.2 intervals versus Europe mostly even number decimal places plus some odd number station at 0.1 intervals?  VisaVersa will a European produced BWMS work in the US?


Is the compatibility for BWMS manufactured for US and China also an issue like Europe due to the US odd decimal tuners and China even and odd number broadcast?   If so, will BWMS produced for Europe or China work in each locale and visa versa?  Will a BWMS producted for even/odd decimal frequencies work in the US for all odd decimal stations?