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Jan 24, 2019

V35 AppleTV second zone



I have a V35 with an AppleTV, connected via HDMI, that I use for AirPlay. I have a second zone that I control with a PMC III remote, but I can't turn on the AppleTV source with that remote. It appears I must have the media center powered on and then I can select the AppleTV sound. Are there any work arounds for this, I assume it has to do with the HDMI input?




Re: V35 AppleTV second zone

Hi djacse,


As the Apple TV is connected to the Lifestyle via HDMI, you will need to have the console itself turned on, so it is able to process the audio and send it to your second zone. This will be the same for any digital audio input on the console so there wouldn't be any way to play the audio without having the console on.


However, I do know that the community likes to get creative when problem-solving to get their tech running how they want it, so it would be interesting to hear if any of you have found a workaround for this. Please do let us know!

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