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Jun 30, 2017

VS-2 Video Enhancer - why do I want to use it?

I posted earlier with lots of questions regarding the Lifestyle 48 system we recently obtained. I was able to successfully set up the system this weekend - yay!!! I utilized the VS-2 video enhancer as well, and it seemed to work fine at first. Then my husband was watching ESPN 2, and the TV kept losing the picture, and a message stating 'searching for signals' would come up on the screen. This would just affect the picture for a couple seconds, then the picture would come back. But it kept doing it over and over, irritating my husband to no end. The sound was never affected, only the picture. I surmised that the actual cable signal was not the culprit, but possibly the VS-2 video enhancer. So I left everything else connected the way it was (sound from cable box to Lifestyl Media center) and bypassed the VS-2, just connecting the cable box directly to the TV. That solved the problem, so there must be some kind of issue with the VS-2. When I had the VS-2 connected, I could see no noticeable difference in picture quality, and this leads me to wonder why I would even want to use the VS-2 video enhancer. It came with the system - we did not pay extra for it, as we paid a lump sum for this entire system, from a private party. Should I just store away the video enhancer and not use it?