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Mar 22, 2017

Videowave 3 continuously Spoilt

Hey Guys,
I happen to have a Bose Videowave 3 at the moment which was originally a videowave 2 which went belly up more than 20 times (literally, no exaggerated) in 3 years. Bose finally agreed to change it in '15 and gave me a videowave 3.
Now the videowave 3's console is not giving any sort of video output. Boots up fine, blank screen after that. Called Bose support in India and they gave me a stand by console again till they repaired it.
Now my question is , how many community members have faced such a similar issue? And has anyone had a Bose TV this troubled in their life?
What would you recommend, stick with Bose like I have for the past 10+ years or shift to LG or a samsung?
Any suggestions and input are appreciated.