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Aug 13, 2018

Wave IV questions

Getting to grips with the new unit, I can't find answers in the manual to these questions:

1. if I use the top Touch Pad to turn the unit off and on again, it doesn't restore the last music channel as it's supposed to. Why? I have to press Radio and then one of the presets on the controller.

2. How to increase the screen brightness?

3. I am running IOS 10.6.8 on my iMac. The setup to access my music by Bluetooth says it requires at least IOS 10.8, but offers a click connect for users with an earlier IOS. However the link is broken or not in use, as it does not connect. Can you help?

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Wave IV questions

Hello Ancestor,


Thanks for the questions!


The Touch Pad should absolutely revert to the last station listened to unless you changed to a different source such as CD or AUX.


To adjust the display brightness in a bright room, follow these steps:


  • On the remote, press and hold the Alarm Setup button until -SETUP MENU- appears on the display
  • Press the Tune > button repeatedly until BRIGHT HI appears on the display
  • Note: BRIGHT HI only shows when the room's ambient light is bright; otherwise, BRIGHT LO shows for low-lit room adjustment
  • To increase the display brightness, press the Time + button
  • To decrease the display brightness, press the Time - button
  • The brightness setting range, when in a well light room, is between 8 and 15
  • After 10 seconds, the Setup Menu will disappear from the display


As for the Bluetooth compatibility this should still work on your computer. What this is referring to is the SoundTouch application which is used to connect your system to WiFi and use presets with Music streaming services such as iHeart Radio, Pandora, TuneIn radio and others. 


But if the touch pad function is not working properly, I would suggest to contact Technical support for further assistance.


Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions.



Joel - Community Support