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Dec 17, 2017

Wave cd/radio volume is low

I have two wave cd/radios in my home. On the one in the living room we play a CD at about 20. The wave in our bedroom we have to increase the volume over 50 to get the same level of sound. Any assistance is appreciated.
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May 16, 2016

Re: Wave cd/radio volume is low

Hi Iceman, 


Thank you for the post. Curiously, are both systems the same model? It sounds like the original Wave Radio CD with the flip top lid and a clock on the front. Can you try to reset the Wave in the bedroom and see if if helps? To do this, please unplug the radio from power for a solid minute. If you have installed a 9V battery in the bottom of the radio, please also remove this. Keeping the battery out, we should reconnect power and re-test. Also, I'd recommend trying the exact same CD in both locations, just to make sure we're removing all the variables. Please let us know. 


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