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Mar 27, 2018

connect speakers to samsung tv

How do I connect my cinem,ate speakers to a samsung tv


Re: connect speakers to samsung tv

Hi iarriaga! Thank you for your post.


I am sorry to hear of the troubles you are having with the set up of your system.


As @Morlock correctly mentioned before, the best option you have of connecting the system to your TV would be through the use of an adapter converting a standard (3.5mm) audio jack to an RCA connection. This way you can connect one cable (3.5mm audio cable) from your TV's "Audio Out" connection, into an adapter converting this signal into an RCA output.


From there, you would connect cables from the adapter into the RCA (left and right) input jacks on the Bose interface module. The use of adapters is not usually recommended by us, however, this is the option you have based on the type of connections that are involved in this setup.


Give this a try and let us know if this is successful for you.


Warm regards,


Sam F


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