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Apr 13, 2019

4K Issues on Lifestyle 650



I have connected the BOSE 650 to my 4K projector. Every few minutes there is a flicker on the screen. This happens only when I connect the projector through Bose Console. When I connect direct to Projector there is no Flicker. So definately HDMI cable is not issue. I called Bose they said they have an issue on the software now and they are going to release a new software updates in 2 weeks. Is there any one else has same issue . Have you complained already to BOSE?

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Jan 29, 2020

Re: 4K Issues on Lifestyle 650

I have had the very same problem since connecting an Optoma Projector to a Bose 650 18 months ago. Numerous technical phonecalls to Bose were little help other than to suggest I separate the projector's visual from the audio signals which is pretty hard to do on a HDMI link! Then I went into a Bose store in Sydney (where I don't live) and was told by the sales guy I needed to link the projector to the 650 by optical fibre. I haven't tried yet because I need to find out if the Optoma's only optical input (labelled S/PDIF) will do the trick. Will report back when I've checked with Mr Optoma.