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Sep 28, 2020

500 speaker sound not very loud

Hi all, I just bought the new Bose tv speaker along with the 500 subwoofer. The tv speaker works fine but the bass module isn’t putting out the lows I had hoped. I’m using the sound bar remote to select bass and raise the base sound level. The module is connected with 3.5mm cable. 


Re: 500 speaker sound not very loud

Hey Eric64, 


Thanks for choosing Bose! 


This does seem strange, I personally was blown away by the bass module. Could you please try the steps here to make this sound better? 


If this does not work, I would like to pay specific attention to the ADAPTiQ part of the troubleshooting, it may be that you need to move the bass module around, or your seating positions to ensure the room is calibrated properly. Was the bass module connected the last time you ran this? Or has any furniture been added since? 


I look forward to your reply!

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