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Jan 24, 2021

Accoustimass 10 series V wireless setup

Hi experts,

I have Accoustimass 10 series V wired setup with all 5 speakers connected to the receiver. I have 20 feet long cable running around my family room to connect rear two speakers with receiver. Is there a way to convert this setup to a wireless one? Would love to hear some ideas? Please guide if there is any way to convert the output from receiver to speakers into wireless/bluetooth without impacting the sound quality. 




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Re: Accoustimass 10 series V wireless setup

Hi Nick818,


Thanks for posting and joining us in the Community!


We don't make any equipment that would allow you to connect your rear speakers to the Acoustimass wirelessly sadly, but you may be able to find a 3rd party device that would allow for you to do this.


If anyone in the Community has any knowledge of a way to connect rear speakers to an Acoustimass system wirelessly please let us know, it would be great to hear what equipment you have been using to do this!

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