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May 14, 2021

Acousticmass 5 Series II

I have a home theater system that was built by Bose in 1990 & stopped production &/or selling in 1998. Is this system compatible to today's Smart TV's?




Re: Acousticmass 5 Series II

HI HNuckols,


Thank you for your message and welcome to the Community!


You can connect the system to a tuner or tuner/preamp and then just connect the tuners to the TV. That is how I can see it working.


Here is the LINK of the manual for the tuner set up.


Hope that helps!

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Acousticmass 5 Series II

Also any new Bose sound bar or home theater system.  Or, the Bose Acoustimass 10 with a 3rd party receiver of your choice.  Seems like a strange question.  Do your homework.