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Jul 8, 2019

Acoustimass 10 Series IV Speakers

Hello Bose Community - I have two questions around an Acoustimass 10 Series IV 5.1 setup:


1) Is it possible to upgrade/swap out individual speakers of the Acoustimass 10 Series IV set by simply removing the Acoustimass speaker from the bass module, and plugging in a non-Acoustimass speaker directly into the receiver?  I'm interested in upgrading to larger R/L speakers that would plug into the receiver, while keeping the remaining Acoustimass speakers in use with the bass module.


2) If number 1 is possible, could the Acoustimass bass module act as a "normal" subwoofer, where I could (within the receiver settings) redirect the low frequencies of the non-Acoustimass speaker to be handled by the bass module?  


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Acoustimass 10 Series IV Speakers

Yes, you could remove some of the Bose speakers and plug other speakers into your receiver speaker RCA outs.  I'm not sure how that would sound, but you could try it.


The Bose Acoustimass module serves two purposes.  It carries the bass frequencies for the Bose double cubes and it also acts as a traditional subwoofer for the very low frequencies.  I doubt you could redirect the mid-low frequencies from your other speakers to the Bose Acoustimass module because those are normally carried from the speaker outs on your receiver to the Bose Acoustimass module.  Maybe your receiver has this capability, IDK.


These Bose sound systems are well designed and not for use with other speakers and not well suited for a mix and match situation.  I suggest you use your Bose as it is intended to be used.  If it doesn't meet your requirements, buy something that does.